DCC Animal Hospital continues expansion spree with new full-service medical and grooming centre at Uday Park inaugurated through day-long event


The Uday Park centre will cater to the massive demand and existing need-gap in pet healthcare and grooming services across South Delhi


DCC (Dogs Cats & Companions) Animal Hospital, one of India’s leading multi-specialty state-of-the-art pet care chains, has now opened its doors to pet parents at Uday Park, South Extension, New Delhi. A massive milestone for DCC, the inauguration took place on July 28th with a day-long series of fun-filled activities. President of the Veterinary Council of India (VCI), Dr Umesh Sharma, was one of the key guests at the event, which also saw members of the press as well as several socialites, and several pet parents. Dignitaries from the Japanese Embassy in Delhi and the Director General of Japan External Trade Organisation (JETRO), Mr. Takashi Suzuki, were also in attendance.

Ms. Neelam Pratap Rudy, mr. Takashi Suzuki, Dr. Vinod Sharma And Dr. Umesh Sharma

Along with a high tea and lunch, a caricature artist and a mind games expert (behaviourist) were also present at the venue, keeping guests entertained especially the furry friends. Pet parents were invited to bring their pets along, equally important guests, to take part in a bunch of special activities at the event. Emcee Sonam Chhabra hosted the event, constantly engaging with the audience and their pets. A great response to the launch DCC garnered.

Mr. Takashi Suzuki, Dr. Umesh Sharma, Dr. Vinod Sharma and Ms. Neelam Pratap Rudy

Presentations by senior doctors and Head of Veterinary Services, Dr. Vinod Sharma were a reflection on the pet health category, where the need for efficacy of vaccines, focus on preventive care and also the need for deep diagnosis in animal health was well reflected. Veterinary with a changed approach is what DCC Animal Hospital is focussed on. Accessibility to good health at par with human medical facilities is what they mentioned as a clear goal. Pet first approach with knowledge built in at the core of it.

There was also a photo booth where enthusiastic pets and pet parents could be seen clicking pictures, along with an audio-visual presentation showcasing DCC’s journey from launching its first centres at Gurgaon and Greater Kailash in 2020, the response they garnered from pet parents which encouraged them to pace up expansion. They also spoke of their proprietary app which was launched in Oct 2020, being one of its kind in the industry, DCC PetConnect, that makes pet-care completely seamless allowing customers to book appointments online, track medical records and even pay for invoices.  The presentation also delved into how DCC is aiming to transform the pet-care sector in India which has several need-gaps, such as not enough veterinarians being available, with respect to the number of pets. With its wide range of exemplary veterinary healthcare and pet-care services like boarding, day-care, and grooming, DCC also works on enhancing the skill sets of its many experienced veterinarians and creating an experience at par with global standards of pet care.

With a singular focus on creating a distinctive experience for its clients, DCC Animal Hospital’s Uday Park centre consists of three consultation rooms, one grooming room, and one examination and treatment hall, along with an operation theatre and facilities like pathology, ultrasound, X-ray, a dog ward, and a cat ward. The prime locality of Uday Park in South Delhi with many pet parents across Neeti Bagh, South Extension, GK 1 and Defence colony, has also reflected a strong demand for veterinary services, making this an extremely strategic expansion for DCC. Following its centres at Greater Kailash II and Gurgaon, this is now DCC’s third facility in the NCR, located at 1A, Masjid Moth, Uday ‎Park, Siri Fort Road, opp. Ansal Plaza, New Delhi, Delhi 110049. The chain is expanding rapidly across Delhi NCR, with several more cities in the pipeline – where there are pets, there’s DCC.

Equipped with the latest state-of-the-art equipment and a host of experienced veteran veterinarians, the facility offers a wide range of grooming and medical health services for pets, including diagnostic and therapeutic services. Under Dr Vinod Sharma’s supervision, the Uday Park centre will work with a robust team of one branch manager, four veterinarians, three paravets and two groomers.

Takashi Suzuki, Chief Director General, JETRO, shared his thoughts, “I would like to congratulate DCC for the Uday Park launch. Lot of business has been happening between 2 countries India and Japan, our activity here in India has been there for the past 50 years. Looking back to the Japanese business in India, the unique feature is that the majority of our Japanese investments in India used to be in manufacturing and mostly for automobiles. However, the current trend of Japanese in India is very diversified. I can say healthcare and medical is the biggest. Many Japanese companies have invested in Hospitals in India or other medical related businesses and many. But I believe there are no Japanese companies active in veterinary hospitals and petcare segments in India. DCC Animal hospital is the only foreign invested veterinary hospital. JETRO really appreciates DCC opening their third branch in Uday park after GK2 and Gurgaon. It will definitely contribute to Japanese business and diversification in India, which will eventually attract more new Japanese businesses to come to India.”

Mr. Ikko Watanabe, First Secretary of the Embassy of Japan said “I want to congratulate DCC on opening this new branch of their Animal Hospital. The Pet industry is growing in India. The Japanese pet industry is also growing year by year and I feel that the Japanese pet care industry is one of the most matured ones globally. I am glad to see that the DCC Animal Hospital has brought the best techniques and skills from the Japanese industry to India. This will surely strengthen the Indian animal healthcare industry. I would like to add that this year is the 70th year of the establishment of India-Japan friendship. DCC Animal Hospital opening a new hospital this year is very special. This hospital will make our friendship stronger and deeper”

Dr Umesh Sharma, President, Veterinary Council of India, with a strong belief felicitated DCC and said, “I feel very grateful that I am a part of the event and being President of VCI and I want to congratulate everyone present here for the new launch. When it comes to veterinary healthcare, DCC has always been first when it comes to Pet Health. Pets are like humans, and it is our responsibility to serve them.  I really feel that DCC Animal Hospital is a true blessing for the health of Dogs and Cats. The Veterinary council of India is thinking of launching a minimum standard of veterinary practice regulation in India. I am very happy that DCC is doing so much for pet health and growing strong committed to the cause”

Dr. Vinod Sharma, Head of Veterinary Services at DCC Animal Hospital, said, “Pet Health is the highest priority for DCC, and their well-being is what we are focussed on. The need-gap is clear in terms of quality of veterinary services or the experience itself. With two centres at Gurgaon and GK2, we have changed that around, and Uday Park is a major milestone in that direction. Pet owners bring in a life to the family when they adopt a pet, and not all know how to take care of them or rely on secondary information. DCC from the word go assists you in ensuring that preventive care becomes important to you be it via our proprietary app that send you reminders, our doctors that shed light on timely vaccinations and their efficacy, neutering/spaying at the right age, or care for aged dogs who might need surgeries and immense care to make their lives better.

We work with you, and partner with knowledge and transparency, because the lives of pets are as important as the lives of humans – we are all one family. We have global advisors on board that work with our veterinarians to maintain high standards of services, procedures, and more. Therefore, we stand differentiated, and it is our responsibility to ensure each pet has easy access to good health and grooming services, where even our products get handpicked by vets. Experience DCC and you’ll know the difference. We think as one, treat as one.”